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Save time and money by harnessing the full potential of your workforce today. Manage your shift workers efficiently and effortlessly with Dagny

Rein in inefficiencies with our powerful tools

Dagny saves you time and money whether you’re looking to create a staff bank, trying to organise a growing number of shift workers or simply trying to collaborate more effectively with contractors

Trusted by leaders in flexible management

‘it's completely revolutionised our flexible staffing’

Scott Pountney, Head of Event Delivery

"Ticketmaster used to rely on Excel spreadsheet rotas, thousands of emails and messages to manage flexible staff working across hundreds of events annually. Dagny has simplified this and has successfully saved us time and money"

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'a huge time saving for me, my team and our GP Practices'

Janet McMillan, City & Hackney GP Confederation

'GP Practices in City & Hackney have struggled with staff amidst a national staffing crisis and significant dependency on agencies. By using Dagny, City & Hackney has created its own primary care staff bank allowing them to reduce the use of agencies; saving time and money and making the best use of local staffing capacity'

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Leaders in flexible workforce management

Power in platform

Secure tech meets Dagny automation. Everything you and your team need in a an easy to use interface.

World-class experience

We’re committed to creating a delightful user experience for you and your team every step of the way—and it shows.

Fair price guarantee

No hidden fees, minimums, contract lengths, or exclusivity agreements. Ever. Choose the plan that works for your team.

People with a purpose

Our compliance experts are proactively monitoring and improving processes for you.

Rock-solid infrastructure

We never outsource to third parties, which keeps quality high and risk low for you and your team.

Protecting IP at all costs

Trust our stronger-than-they-need-to-be intellectual property and invention rights protections.

Manage your team the right way

Easily manage employees, bank staff and part-timers from anywhere in the world

Leverage our tools and expertise to avoid the usual time, cost and risk associated with spreadsheets and email

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Offer competitive, localised hourly rates to attract and keep great talent

Customise your compensation rates and build belonging for everyone on your team

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Pay your workforce on time, hassle-free. Do so, comfortable that you’re compliant

We’ll keep you and your team in compliance with ever changing flexible working regulations including IR35

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