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Feb 15, 2024

Streamlining the Frontlines

Dagny's Small Role in Helping NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Effort

Streamlining the Frontlines

As the NHS faced the colossal task of setting up and staffing COVID-19 vaccination clinics across the UK, Dagny's innovative workforce management software emerged as a beacon of efficiency and adaptability. Our solution was deployed to orchestrate a vast, dispersed operation that spanned rural and urban areas, managing tens of thousands of shifts and over a hundred thousand hours of clinical staffing.

Unprecedented Scale

In the face of this unprecedented public health challenge, our software facilitated the rapid mobilisation of healthcare professionals and volunteers. From Oxfordshire's rural clinics to London's bustling vaccination centres and Greater Manchester's community hubs, Dagny ensured that every shift was filled, every professional was aptly placed, and every vaccination centre operated without a hitch.

Some Key Achievements

  • In Oxfordshire, we united staff from various providers, efficiently managing over 5,000 shifts, which translated to 23,000 hours of dedicated service.
  • London's challenge of coordinating a staff bank across 60 healthcare providers was met with our streamlined rostering system, managing 12,656 shifts across 45 centres.
  • In Greater Manchester, our platform supported the staffing of 7 vaccination sites by seamlessly handling 1,628 shifts and over 9,000 hours.

Operational Highlights

  • Oxfordshire: Mobilised staff from different providers to work at vaccination sites, with over 5,000 shifts and 23,000 hours managed.
  • London: Established a staff bank from over 60 healthcare providers, rostering clinics immediately and managing 12,656 shifts across 45 vaccination centres.
  • Greater Manchester: Supported an alliance of PCNs to staff 7 vaccination sites, handling 1,628 shifts and 9,085 hours.

Beyond Logistics: A Story of Human Impact

Our platform's impact extended beyond logistical triumphs; it empowered retired healthcare workers and volunteers by simplifying the process of signing up for shifts, fostering a community of support and dedication. The ease of use and real-time responsiveness of our software played a critical role in adapting to the evolving needs of the vaccination effort, ensuring no appointment went unstaffed and no vaccine went unused.

Collaboration and Innovation at the Heart

This journey with the NHS has underscored the power of collaboration and digital innovation in addressing global health crises. By leveraging our technology, the NHS was able to streamline its vaccination rollout, demonstrating the pivotal role of efficient workforce management in public health. Our work with the NHS is a testament to what can be achieved when technology and teamwork converge on a common goal: to safeguard the health of a nation.