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Feb 15, 2024

Transforming Ticketmaster: The Dagny Difference

From Scheduling Struggles to Strategic Success - A Brief Journey of Optimising Operations

Transforming Ticketmaster: The Dagny Difference

In the bustling world of live events, Ticketmaster faced a daunting challenge: efficiently managing a vast, dispersed workforce for events nationwide. Our collaboration with Ticketmaster has been nothing short of transformative, bringing about unprecedented operational efficiencies and setting a new standard in the event management industry.

The Transformation

Before Dagny, Ticketmaster grappled with manual, time-consuming processes for event staffing, from scheduling to payroll. The deployment of our innovative system introduced a centralised platform, automating and simplifying these tasks dramatically. One notable achievement was the ability to staff events six months in advance, a significant leap from the previous two-month timeframe. This capability not only improved planning and execution but also allowed Ticketmaster to expand its operations, increasing the number of venues and staff bank size significantly.

Key Data Points

  • Efficiency in Shift Management: Managed over 5000 shifts, equating to 56000 shift hours, seamlessly integrating scheduling, communication, and payroll.
  • Email Reduction: Saved approximately 18000 emails, slashing communication overload and freeing up valuable time.
  • Automated Shift Functions: Reduced staffing confirmation times from 3 days to less than 10 minutes, enhancing efficiency by 99%.
  • 100% Fill Rate: Achieved through strategic staffing, ensuring the most suitable candidates were selected for each event.

Beyond Savings: A Strategic Expansion

The results speak volumes: not just in cost savings but in the strategic expansion of Ticketmaster's operations. The time savings and efficiency gains provided by Dagny enabled a broader focus on scaling the business. Ticketmaster now manages a 78% increase in venues and has seen a 63% growth in its staff bank, showcasing the platform's capability to support significant operational growth.

A New Era for Event Staffing

Our work with Ticketmaster underscores the transformative power of digital innovation in workforce management. By automating critical processes, we've not only streamlined operations but also enabled strategic growth, demonstrating the far-reaching benefits of our technology in the live event sector.

As we continue to refine and expand our solutions, the success story with Ticketmaster stands as a testament to the potential of digital transformation to redefine industry standards and empower businesses to reach new heights.